Welcome to Product Ownership

You know, from time to time one of my friends was promoted to a new role as Product Owner or Head of Product. Others created a Product Management Department as a new unit within their organisation. And very often they asked me for some tips and tricks. It was hard to give advice via phone or chat without proper writings. Because the topic is so nice, and cool, but needs images, insights, and texts.

And there you go: Here, you will find everything that you need to know when starting a career as a Product Owner/Product Manager or when establishing Product Ownership within your organisation. Also, Senior Executives will find some nice thoughts here for sure.

The information provided on this website are definitely not limited to Product Owners in a role as part of the SCRUM methodology. Instead, we will look at product ownership in a broad and beautiful way: as being truly responsible for the business- and user-side of things. Of course, this is relevant for all concept designers, and people involved in product decisions too.

I will create seven units covering the main topics of product ownership. The first two units are already live:

1) Start & feel user-centricity (reading time: ~20 minutes + 1 minute video)
A little intro which will help you on your way towards product ownership: You will observe first methods in action and get a feeling for user-centricity as a state of mind.

2) Define your purpose (reading time: ~18 minutes + 7 minutes videos)
Everyone who works as a Product Manager, Concept Designer, or Product Owner should have some knowledge about the recent evolution of product design because brilliant ideas inspire massively.

Coming soon:

3) Build your network

4) Know your tools

5) Make it measurable & handle expectations

6) Enjoy leadership

7) Scale & recruit

Project timeline:

First thoughts: Late 2019
Final version in mind: End Nov 2020
Started writing: Dec 2020
All done projected: Q2 2021


Greetings from Hamburg, Germany
Robert Matthees